what 8X Video Cards will work on an FoxConn 865GV7MF-SH Motherboard that has an FGE l Slot?

the motherboard has a Pentium D Dual Core processor
CPU Clock speed 2.8 GHz
Socket 775
865G + ICM5
FSB 800/533/400 MHz Dual Channel DDR 400/333/266 x2
USB 2.0 x8
6 channel Audio
10/100 LAN
Serial ATA
F.G.E. I Slot (only for 865GV7MF)
The F.G.E. I slot is a special design that provides an expansion graphics
interface for AGP 8X VGA cards.The actual motherboard has this slot. What confuses me is:
the manual also says the following, in reference to the 865G/7MFboards:
This motherboard has Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) slot that only supports 1.
5V AGP card. When you use an AGP card, make sure that your AGP card with 1.
5V specification. Note the notches on the card golden fingers to ensure that they
fit the AGP slot on your motherboard. up to 2.5 GHz speed. and supports 8X card.
any assistance with this puzzle is appreciated.
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    Hard to post a list, the "1.5V" refers to the "shape" the connector of the video card has, which you can see here:

    You have to make sure the AGP card you're going to buy has that type of connector in order to fit properly in your motherboard.
  2. thank you so much RaDiKal.,especially for the link. Now I know what to look for in a video card,as regards the connector9s).
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