Slow Read/write speed for a caviar blue (1TB)?

I recently did some 'benchmarking' on defraggler on my 1TB WD Caviar Blue.
i saw a few Random Read/Write charts for the drive after i bought it and i don't know whether it is me being stupid, but i seem to be getting 1.54MB/s as opposed to the 54MB/s shown on the graphs :

Screenshot of my defraggler results:

Link to charts:

Is this me being stupid/misreading something or is there an issue with my drive?

Thanks for any replies guys
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  1. 1.54MB/s is way too slow and there is something wrong with it. Is this a OS drive or your 2nd drive? Try a different SATA cable and plug into another SATA port. Make sure your OS is update to date and install the chipset. If you have a Intel chipset based board, then install Intel Rapid Storage Technology drivers.
  2. Thanks for the reply,
    It contains the OS and all my files (600ish gb)
    Will try methods suggested but i did another benchmark with ATTO disk benchmark and got these results:

    Idk if this shows anything of significance, does it comfirm the drive is performing slow?
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    According to ATTO your drive is good. It's got 125MB/s Write and 140MB/s Read
    Just did some digging and found out others got low random read speed on Defraggler as well. I also downloaded that program, ran it on my HDD and got a random read of 2.56MB/s with 24% fragmentation. After defragging, random read is now at 146.56MB/s with 0% fragmentation.
  4. I am going to buy a new set of drives and sell my existing one, thanks for the replies though :)
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