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4x 7970 vs 2x 770 pros/cons

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August 17, 2014 2:34:39 PM

I am looking to build a 4k gaming rig. I plan on either:
A. Getting two gtx 770 for ~$300 each and getting a third later on
B. Getting two 7990's for ~$300 each, better performance, no upgrade ability
C. getting 4 7970's for ~ $140 each, basically same as B but multiple cards

So my question is, Will 4 7970's / 2 7990's be enough for 4k, or will I need 3 770's (more $) or I suppose I could even go as far as getting 2x 780's, but will 2x 780's actually be better than 3 770s or 4 7970s? thanks!!

also is 1000W psu enough? 4770k, 2 ram, one ssd, and up to 4 7970's?

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August 17, 2014 2:42:11 PM

well theres probably not too many games that will work smoothly with 3x or 4x GPU's so if you can i would say 2 780's would be better than 3 770s
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August 17, 2014 2:56:40 PM

Major con of multiple GPU's... microstuttering.

I "upgraded" to 3 way SLI not too long ago. My FPS went up noticibly, but the microstuttering drove me crazy and I went back to 2 GPUs.

You'll be happier with 2 780s, the 1000w power supply should be just fine.

Also, the 800 series is coming out in a few weeks. I wouldn't buy any GPUs before then. Just wait and see what they offer.