Laptop resolution maxes out at 1024x768 after driver update.

Laptop is a Samsung 700z series. Model NP700Z5A-S0BUS

I used the Samsung utility (SW Update) to update the graphics driver as prompted, which I will not use again. After updating the "latest" driver, ATI catalyst control center was gone and so was any resolution above 1024 x 768. The driver was dated 2006. I tried to rollback the driver, but it wasn't an option. I re-installed the ATI driver which brought back the catalyst control center, but no higher resolutions.

Edit: Model added.

What I think happened is, the on board graphics driver is gone and I can't seem to find that anywhere for download.
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  1. there are many 700 z one we need the full name and mumber of it .
  2. Well I feel like a dummy. I randomly decided to check Windows Update and low and behold, this was waiting to be installed.

    Intel Corporation - Graphics Adapter WDDM1.1, Graphics Adapter WDDM1.2 - Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000

    Problem solved.
  3. good then your issue is solve with the update .
  4. It's almost solved. Now the max resolution I'm getting is 1600 x 900, where as before I was able to run 1920 x 1080.
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    if this is your laptop that the max you could have
  6. It seems you're right. I guess I haven't noticed that until now. Thanks for your time.
  7. your welcome .
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