Issues with user profile on windows 7. Have attempted to follow guide.

Trying to fix my friend's computer, and she has her toshiba window's 7 computer stuck on a temporary profile. I have attempted switching the two files with the .bak extension, and attempted to follow this guide:

I am unable to create another profile, as it doesn's save. What's more is that it doesn't launch at all unless I put it in safemode now, since it can't even create a temporary profile.
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  1. Re-install windows
  2. i7Baby said:
    Re-install windows

    Is this really the only solution? At the very least, can I make it so I don't require safemode?
  3. Can you do a system restore from safe mode?
  4. She doesn't want to do that if possible, but I could access it. Also, is it safe to attempt to use the "repair your computer" option? I'm considering trying that out first.
  5. i7Baby said:
    Can you do a system restore from safe mode?

    No, sadly.
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    Since you've out almost everything else, go ahead and try "repair your computer". If that doesn't work, consider download an ISO file for the correct version of her Windows, burn it to a DVD, then boot with it and try a restore.

    A restore should leave all of her applications alone but just fix Windows.
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