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Ok so, about 2-3 years ago I bought a CyberPower Xplorer X7-9750 laptop, partially customized, and up until recently the computer has been running fine. However, recently a small problem has begun to pop up. Whenever I unplug the laptop, it seems to run fine for a while but randomly it will overheat extremely badly (180+ degrees Fahrenheit) and instantly shut off without warning. This never happens when the laptop is plugged in, never happens at any set interval, and the battery always still has a charge on it by the time the laptop cools down enough to turn back on. Another thing is, that whenever the laptop is unplugged and off, both the lights are on for battery active and battery charging. This also happens with my spare battery, which is only about 6 months old and has only been through 2 full charge cycles so far, has never been used otherwise and kept in perfect condition. Any ideas as to what could be going on?

I've uninstalled the Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery and let it re-install, now when I unplug the computer it continues to say its plugged in and charging.. At least it hasn't shut down randomly just yet but this is all sorts of weird going on. Can anyone understand whats going on?
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    There is a hardware problem in your laptop. The Battery DC power from your laptop through battery to mobo is not functioning properly or the power IC transmitting the DC power from your battery to Mobo is not functioning. replacing your power IC in laptop may help you to solve this issue but you can't solider the ic on you own. so its better you reach service center for this issue.

    Note: Need not worry with your batteries. you can check and confirm the health of your batteries in some other laptops. :)
  2. So I would just have to replace the power IC unit in the laptop itself? Wonder if something got shorted out at one point then, never seen problems happen like that before. Well thank you for the reply, I will definitely try to get that replaced and see if it works then.
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