Segate Hard disk platter Swaping

I have a 80 giga byte hard disk my computer does not recognize it, i am sure that it's board & it's reader head are faulty. Is it possible to change it's platter to another the same specification hard disk drive. if it is possible please comment some points the i take care of them while swapping them
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  1. Unless you have industrial-grade clean rooms, opening a drive case will permanently destroy it.

    The PCB or formatting are where most faults are; the heads are very hard to damage electronically. Physical damage to the heads will have destroyed the platters.
  2. You can buy an 80 gig drive probably for about $10.
  3. I have my important data on that, i know that price, hardware & price are not the matter, Just Because of my data dear.
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    Opening the case is not the way to save your data.

    Take the drive to a recovery firm, who will almost certainly save your data, in exchange for cash.
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