upgate CPU from core 2 duo to i5 CPU

Hi every one,

I want to know if it is possible to upgrade my HP dv6 1040ek which contains
core 2 duo CPU T6400 2.5GHz with CPU i5 3 GHz taken from a DELL latitude 1050
thanks in advance
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  1. Not without a change of motherboard.
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    The Dell Latitude is a line of laptops, not desktops, so not only will you need a very specific motherboard, but there's no guarantee that the new processor will work with the other components or the laptop's PSU. Also bear in mind that the laptop may not provide sufficient cooling for the new processor.

    Tread very carefully when upgrading laptop components; they aren't nearly as swappable as desktop ones.
  3. thanks for answer guys ;)
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