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Sup guys! My corsair550w PSU has a top mounted intake fan and my cabinet has the PSU slot on top. I configured the PSU with the fan facing downward. Now the problem is my case has one intake fan at the front and one intake on the side. No fans on the rear grill. Now I was going to get an aftermarket CPU cooler antec A20.

Q1 - Should I put an exhaust fan on the back grill or rely solely on the PSU fan for exhaust ( it will be sucking the hotter air in the case anyways)?

Q2 - Will the exhaust on the back grill hinder the airflow to the PSU fan?

Please help me guys! I'm confused as [removed].

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  1. I'd say take the fan off from the side and put it on the rear grill. My opinion is that you don't want too much hot air going into the PSU and causing an overheat, which is unlikely but rather be safe than sorry!
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    I would leave the two intake fans in place and add another fan as exhaust.
    2 Exhaust (one being power supply) and one intake will cause dust to be sucked into your CD/DVD drive ,USB ports, card reader etc... Anywhere air can be sucked in dust will also be sucked in.

    The A20 is an ok cooler,a little better than the stock fan but quieter. So don't expect drastic temperature changes.
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