Concerned about an unknown flickering sound possibly from my PSU

Hi guys, I am a first-time builder and I'm very happy with being able to make something by myself but I'm always concerned that I can't troubleshoot problems. A month after completing my build, there has been probably 3 times when I hear this flickering noise. I'm not quite sure if it's my PSU or not but it would only last about 3-4 seconds before stopping. I managed to pull out my phone in time to catch the end of the noise on video (so sorry for the portrait video).

The PSU in question is the Apevia ATX-CW500WP4 500W ATX Power Supply. I would gladly answer any other questions about my set up and thank you ahead of time!
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  1. That PSU is considered a tier 5 psu on this list

    Tier 5 recommends:
    Replace immediately. These units are NOT recommended for any system, no matter the purpose. Reference to higher tiered models for a better and potentially money-saving unit
  2. Thanks jimthenagual, I did not know how terribly unrecommended Apevia's were and will try to replace it ASAP, but would the PSU have caused any damage to my other components (hence the noise)? What is the danger of using this PSU in the meantime?
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    If the system is running fine now, then nothing has been damaged. The danger is typically when they get hot, they can pop taking other components out with them. If you NEED to use the computer in the meantime, I'd refrain from straining it too hard (gaming for example). Assuming that popping sound is coming from the PSU, I personally wouldn't use the system until I got a new PSU in there.

    If you are in the US and on a tight budget, here is a great deal on an EVGA 500B unit $29.99 with $20 mail in rebate
    This one should be fine for your system assuming you are not overclocking.
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