AMD Turion X2 64 RM-74 expected temperatures

My original processor died some months ago and I replaced it with a similar one. Now I'm with the original processor again. When I put my hand near the left side of the laptop I can feel the air flow and it is a bit hot in my opinion. With Speedfan I see temps like: (Temp1 49-51) and (Core 60-65). The Core lecture worries me. Is this normal for this CPU?

Machine: Toshiba L505D-SP6983R
CPU: AMD Turion X2 64 RM-74
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    Yes. That is normal. The maximum heat is 95°
  2. Thanks. Just say that because I was a bit scared of those temps I bought a better thermal paste that the one I was using before. Deep Cool Z5. And It seems to lowered the temps between 3 and 5 degrees, not a lot but better.
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