how many fps may i expect on newer games with an intel i5 4590 and a gtx 770?

I would like to know before i buy anything. Thankyou:)
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  1. at what resolution? what kind of newer games? i would say youll have no problems staying over 45 at all times at 1080p. most of the time youll be at 60 fps or soaring high above without vsync. At any resolution under 1080p itll be no sweat 60 smooth buttery frames at all times.
  2. 1080p is preferable, i dont mind turning down settings though
  3. Ok
  4. You will get 45+ FPS at 1080p.
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    I use a 770 but an i7 3930k processor and I always get 60 fps (vsync is usually on). The only way you may go below that is in MMO's with large groups of people. Doing big world bosses in Guild Wars 2 will usually drop me down to 30 FPS with the graphics settings all the way up. Hope this helps.
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