How Good Of A Gaming PC Can You Build For $825?

Im gonna be spending $950 on mine but my friend is gonna be building one as well. Here is his info:

Budget: $750- $825 with Operating System He needs an HDD And an SSD. SSD Can be small he just needs it to hold OS and Programs on so they boots up faster.

He's gonna use this to Stream on Twitch, Record for Youtube, and Render Videos For Youtube.

He's gonna be playing Dayz, Minecraft, Rust, Arma III, Call Of Duty, BF4, Gary's mod, Left 4 Dead 2, and a few other steam games.

Needs to be able to play these games and stream/record at same time without lagging.

Also it needs to all be set for newegg on pcpartpicker, because His parents are all the parts at once.
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    At an $800 budget, a very solid gaming rig can be put together. The games you listed are not particularly cutting edge in terms of graphics or CPU usage, and with a solid processor, your friend should definitely be able to play while streaming.

    Take a look at the following threads with examples of budget builds:

    AMD -

    Intel -

    Both threads are recent and should at least give you an idea of what kind of parts you are looking for, and then you can swap things out as needed. Both threads have a build costing around $600 that should fill your friend's needs. The parts listed are not all from Newegg, but at that price range it should give you a little wiggle room should Newegg's prices be higher than the ones listed.
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