AMD graphics card driver keeps on crashing and recovering

So I just built this new PC (specs below) and I installed the GPU's drivers yesterday and it keeps on crashing and messes up my game ( but with lines, not my picture)
Drivers are up to date
I dont know if this is a hardware problem or a software problem
I have not yet overclocked dont worry
I will add more information if needed

System Specifications:

Windows 8.1 SL 64-bit
ASRock AMD Motherboard
AMD FX-8350 8Core @ 4GHz with Cooler Master Liquid Cooling
8GB Ram
WD Caviar Green 2TB
AMD Sapphire Radeon R7 250 2gb DDR3 128-bit with boost
Thermalake 700W Power Supply
Currently using a large monitor (a 45+" TV to be exact which i think is causing the problem)
Driver Date: 12/7/2013
Driver Version:
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  1. Best answer
    could you try a lower size monitor .
  2. scout_03 said:
    could you try a lower size monitor .

    I dont have a small monitor tho

    okay i stole my friends monitor now i have a small monitor yay i plugged it in and i will update if the driver crashes again or not (BTW the TV was HDMI and this small ass monitor is not even DVI but VGA)

    Yeah it worked thanks! I might need another graphics card for my pc to handle a TV
  3. when you get a bigger gpu for that tv dont forget to check the max resolution the card could give .
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