pick or recommend the best speakers

1. Logitech z506 (£79.99)
2. Harman kardon Soundstick III (£99.99)
3. Creative a550 (£69.99)
4. Corsair sp2500 (£174.99)

Sp2500 is expensive but ive read some really good reviews about it. Corsair's price is at my very very limit. Which one would you go for? Or there is something else out there worth pointing out?

I use realtek alc1150.
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  1. Microlab 7C

    but not ideal for a desktop because they are too big
  2. I must say they look great! Do they connect to pc without any problems or extra cables? Ive found them on ebay and the cheapest ones in uk are £127. Have you used one of those?
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    I have a pair of Microlab 7C's connected to my home theater pc . They work like any other pc speaker . They do have a remote with an on/off switch and volume control too but you wont use it often .
    The sound is excellent . Much better than any of the smaller pc speakers I have heard. For a start you get real bass .
  4. Brilliant. Thanks alot outlander_04! One more question. Does it have all the cables that i need to connect it with my motherboard? I use asrock z97 extreme4.
  5. Yes they ship with cables
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