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Will i run next gen games? preferably maxed out... I know it depends on optimisation but lets just say they dnt fuk it up for once

R9 290 tri x
990fx (board)
8gb 1600 ram

If not any advise on upgrade?
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  1. Yeah but state the name of the mobo preferably , also if gaming is your only intention then an intel i5 processor with a Z97 Motherboard should be your option.
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    Nothing wrong with the system.
    If you are asking 1080p it ofcourse a YES.
    This system wont have any problem for few years.
    Hope i answered you.
  3. Its a sabertooth 990fx ...I do wana change to intel one day but cant afford to change board and cpu just yet so just guna try ride the build out for a while

    thnx guys :)
  4. PSU? Please state brand, model, wattage and efficiency rating (none, bronze, silver or gold).

    Other than that, nothing wrong with it. I can only suggest a cpu cooler if you're actually using the stock one, as AMD CPUs tend to get quite hot compared to Intel ones. I own a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO and it's pretty much awesome for what it costs. I actually have an Intel i5-4670, but the hyper should be AMD compatible might want to check that out by yourself, just in case.

    Don't take as a given you can max out everything always depends on how good the game is pc optimized and AMD GPU optimized, in the end. As an example, I currently own an Asus R9 290x DCUII OC; on a 1080p resolution, Titanfall runs maxed out at averagely 100 fps, and Borderlands 2 does the same with physx set to medium (low would make it jump to at least double that value), but Watch_Dogs struggles at keeping over 60fps while running at medium-high settings...

    And no, I won't pretend they won't "mess" it up, as they always do ;)
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