Upgrading a 'school' laptop with an SSD - would I really notice a benefit?

I was just wondering if an upgrade to an SSD would be useful for my school machine. I of course already own an SSD in my desktop and know the features and speed, but I'm so used to it nowadays. I am strangely considering an M500, even though I love the 840 EVO. (mostly because the M500 is so much cheaper currently)

I am just wondering if the regular office-application workload would be reason enough to consider purchasing an SSD. I am aware it would be a big improvement, I just want to know if it's really needed. $60 for a 120GB SSD isn't a huge deal I guess, but I just want to know if anyone else would find it reasonable to upgrade a laptop used just for school.
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  1. It will make a pretty big difference, but do you already have a HDD for your laptop? Because if you completely replace the Hard drive with an SSD you will have to re buy windows. (PS brohoof)
  2. If you get the right cloning software or use magical jelly bean to get your product key code for your OS and back up your personal files. I say an SSD is a very good uprade for your PC
  3. -w- I am aware its a good upgrade. But the question would be is it really needed? I only use this laptop solely for school (no gaming on it at all) and it was just a thought I had while I was on it and browsing around on newegg looking at the price drops for SSDs. Like would upgrading to an SSD see a battery life improvement even if slightly?
  4. Also don't gotta re-buy windows if you got ****************** ;)
  5. Well it isn't 100% necessary but it would help.
  6. dovah-chan said:
    Also don't gotta re-buy windows if you got ****************** ;)

    Moving the OS to a new drive does not mean buying it again.
  7. Sorry for saying that on the forums :x I forgot that toms does not condone the posting of anything related to the transfer and sharing of copyrighted material. My apologies.
  8. I guess now I'm wondering which SSD has the lowest power draw or are they all so low that there isn't much point for comparison? I know HDDs suck much more than the average SSD but which drives are specifically optimized for superior battery life? I remember reading that the EVO was pretty good in that department but storage isn't really my forté when it comes to the specifics. My Lenovo G505 uses an A6-5200 (one of the Kabini APUs) and I've added my own 2x4GB kit of g skill SODIMMs if anyone is wondering.
  9. Maybe get a 850 PRO, Or a crucial MX100.
  10. Adding OS to an new Drive isn't a violation of the license agreement as long as thew mobo isn't replaced. Cloning would be legal also.
  11. JuniorPCBuilder said:
    Maybe get a 850 PRO, Or a crucial MX100.

    Woops x___x right before you posted that I already bought a spare 840 EVO my friend had for $50 (just the 120GB version but not a big deal I guess) and he lives right down the street if you were wondering how it happened so fast.
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    I think it's a good and it should save battery life it requires less power for the drive to load applications and such. No moving parts also helps with heat by quite a significant amount you would be surprised. I had a PS3 which the old hard drive was getting very hot for games installed onto it such as Elder Scrolls because it loads so much.

    I put an SSD in it and it's cool as the other side of my pillow! Just an example though so no moving parts means less power consumption and less heat those are already two good reasons to do it. I plan to slap an SSD in my laptop from school soon enough as soon as we're a finished so help with power and heat in the it's small form factor. I think you might appreciate those little things.
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