AMD Vertical Lines crash

Hi, I'm having a major problem which is literally driving me nuts!!

My computer randomly crashes when I am playing some video games.

My computer crashes and on the screen I see some vertical lines with random color each time it crashes (most common color is gray) and the sound loops 5 seconds later.

I have been searching on every forum and tried as many things as possible! Also, this started happening the day I got my computer!

AMD Radeon HD 7800
AMD FX 6100 Six-Core processor
PSU: 750w

Any help would be appreciated!

Regards, Morfel
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  1. Your GPU may be faulty, it is probably best to contact the mfgr and get a RMA.
  2. I was going to buy a new GPU, but I'm not sure if it's the GPU or the motherboard. So I'll wait until I know 100% sure that it's the GPU. Thanks for your help
  3. Has it been fixed yet, because I am having the same problem :/
  4. try uninstalling the graphics drivers and then installing the latest version

    If the problem persists the graphics card is dying .
  5. I'm having the vertical lines crash problem as well. Did anyone find a fix?
  6. Morfel said:
    Hi, I'm having a major problem which is literally driving me nuts!!

    Yeah, I have had this for some time. However it stopped mysteriously for 3 months.

    Tried new monitor, and new cables.
    Tried different PCI-E slots.
    Tried rollbacks and updates.
    Tried new drivers, old drivers.
    Tried CPUs built in GPU chip/capability and there were no crashes, with the GPU part also overclocked for several hours tested in game before exiting manually.

    It stopped happening for about 3 months until today again, now it crashes in game every time.

    What I haven't done, is take absolutely everything out.
    I've had the computer for almost 4 years. Some of the fan grills need another clean, for sure.
    Over heating on some part of the mobo might be part of it, given that it behaved in some of the colder months, but after exhaustive searching, I suspect it may be a transistor related to PCI-E that has just given up. It's hard to tell as the board has "gold caps" where usually you could see if they've popped.

    That would be relatively straightforward to fix.. if tedious.

    I found that turning the computer off at the PSU at overnight seemed (a guess, might be luck) to help, which is something that does tend to suggest transistor faults as they can work after a bit of a break.

    Pretty sure I've narrowed it down to transistor overcooked, heat issue on board somewhere, memory (hopefully the RAM slot memory.. though I did alternate with varying combinations and got the same crash), as most likely culprits.

    Power supply seems steady, it's a Corsair 750W, so more than enough for my (now ancient) Intel i2500K, and still otherwise solid AMD7970.

    Additional notes:
    -Problems started on the same day I installed Windows Updates that dated back like a year, maybe more, in March including .net framework updates that seemed to have some kind of problem installing.
    -Disabling hardware acceleration in flash stopped browser crashes ENTIRELY.
    -I have done stress tests on CPU, GPU and memory, but not a real MEMTEST.
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