need help building a 1500£ pc

recently moved to UK.. need help building a pc my budget is 1500£..
things i don't need
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  1. What's it going to be used for?
  2. just for gaming
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    How about..

    If you want to go with AMD, you can crossfire 290x's. With this build though, you can use the money and save up for another 780 ti for sli. Or, wait for the 800 series. Btw, what resolution is your monitor?
  4. thanx man.... actually i am a guy with no patience.. so i went to overclockers uk to get the components.. and here are the parts that i picked

    cpu: i7 4790k

    motherboard: asus z97 pro

    ram: corsair vengeance pro red 16gb(2*8)2133mhz

    gpu: evga gtx 780ti superclocked with acx cooler

    cpu cooler: corsair hx110

    PSU: corsair hx1000

    case: nzxt phantom enthusiast

    though the case was not compatible with h110 had to drill 2 extra holes to mount the radiator of the cooler and had to remove the fans from the top that came with the case
  5. also got samsung 840 evo 500gb ssd as for the os and games and wd caviar black 2tb for xtra storage
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