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I have selected to change my desktop backgrounds located in my Pictures Library to "shuffle" every 10 minutes. 10 minutes passes and it changes, but then again, in about a minute or so, it will change again.

In addition, sometimes when I insert a USB drive, or even close out of a full screen application, I will be left with a dotted matrix instead of a wallpaper. I right click and choose "next background" and that resolves it.

Any ideas?
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  1. 8 or 8.1?
  2. Go into settings>power options> & change "slide show setting:" from "paused" to "available" or control panel>power options> change plan settings> change advanced power settings> desktop background settings> slideshow and set set to "available". Reboot and see what happens. If it's the same go back into the power settings again and under USB settings> USB selective suspend set it to disabled. If neither of those helps we'll try some other solutions. You might also go into the BIOS and play with the C states that control the power saving features.
  3. It appears it was set to "available" as default. It was not set as "paused" when I opened up that menu.
  4. ^^^ will work with 8.1?
  5. I cannot get it to run. It asking to specify the location of offline boot and windows directories. I have entered them, as they are my C drive. Still no luck.
  6. You have a skewed install or something. If you cannot even get a scan to run then you probably need to do a refresh or renew. Or even better would be a clean install. Something has been compromised.
  7. Well this is the only issue I am having with 8.1. Not problematic enough for me to go through a clean install.
  8. I understand your position, however, if you can't run a system scan it's for a reason which is likely to rear it's ugly head at the most inopportune time. I'd be sure to get and keep my things backed up so that in the event whatever is wrong or corrupted decides it's had enough you don't get an unresolvable blue screen situation to the point where you cannot recover your files or settings. Good luck to you.
  9. I was able to run the system scan today for some reason. Found corrupt files. Here is the output.
    Any ideas what to do from here? I don't want to dig too deep without some help.

  10. Ok, you'll need to find the cbs.log file and then upload it to one of the free services that will host the text file. Then post a link to it here so it can be analyzed.
  11. I cannot find a host that will support a .txt this large. Is there another way I can upload it?
  12. How big is the file? It shouldn't be more than a couple of MB.
  13. I sent you a PM so you can send me the text file.
  14. I don't think the size was the issue for the hosts, but instead, I exceeded the character limit. Pm'd you. Thanks!
  15. I didn't get a PM. You can try again or use the email address I sent you. NP.
  16. Ok, so, after reviewing the cbs.log file and getting a couple of second opinions on it the general consensus seems to be there is an issue with core components, probably either from a corrupted update or bad installation. Possibly even related to sectors on the hard drive. The recommendation is to do what is known as an in-place update (Google it) which repairs all the necessary compononets of the installation but does not delete your files or programs. You might also want to run Seatools and scan the hard drive using both the short DST and long Generic drive tests to verify whether it has issues or not.
  17. OK, I did a refresh. What is the first thing to do from here? Thank you again for all your help.
  18. I managed to get everything installed again but am still plagued with this background glitch. Here is what is looks like.

  19. Have you installed ANY third party drivers yet or only the windows installation with it's native drivers?
  20. Just upon completion of the refresh I saw this glitch. I hadn't installed any updates or drivers yet.

    I am running a GeForce GTX 750ti GPU. I updated windows after the refresh as well as my gpu driver. Still persists. I am thinking it may be a GPU issue.

    On a positive note, I ran SFC /Verifyonly and received a good report. That's good at least.
  21. Yep, it is. What is the brand and model number of your GPU.
  22. It is a EVGA, Model: 02G-P4-3757-KR
  23. Do me a favor and post your entire system specs here. All hardware and Windows version info. I just don't have time to wait for a reply every time my dumb ass needs to know something more. You can do a hwinfo or cpu-z screenshot or just type it. Whatever works. I'm guessing you're running 64 bit Windows 8.1, right? IF so, here's the latest driver. Go ahead and download and install it and then reboot to see if the problem is still there.

  24. and:

    GIGABYTE GA-78LMT-USB3 AM3+ AMD 760G + SB710 HDMI USB 3.0 Micro ATX AMD Motherboard
    Rosewill Stallion Series RD500-2DB 500W ATX12V Power Supply
    Crucial MX100 CT256MX100SSD1 2.5" 256GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)
  25. Thanks. I should've asked that in the beginning like I usually do. Any luck with the driver?
  26. I did a clean install of the updated driver, removing the old one completely. So far so good. I will continue to monitor it and report back.
  27. I've got my finger crossed for you. Toes too. Heh.
  28. So far so good! two days without seeing the glitch!
  29. That's pretty convincing for me.
  30. OK, so here is the new problem:

    Turned on the PC today and could post, but not boot into windows. I was stuck at the "verifying DMI pool" screen. Reset CMOS, nothing.
    Tried using a DVI cable, nothing.
    Then I removed my graphics card and tried to boot from my motherboard HDMI and that worked. It also worked from my motherboard DVI.
    I am currently running fine with the GPU removed and using the onboard DVI to my TV.

    This leads me to think my GPU is bad. HOWEVER, I still have the background glitch even with the GPU removed completely. So the glitch cannot be related to my GPU I don't think.

    Do you think I have a bad GPU? I do not have another to test it with. Could it be my motherboard instead?
  31. Try a different monitor and see if you still have the background mosaic. You might also double check the frequency of you monitor models specs against what it's actually set at in display properties to make sure you don't have a (For example) 60hz monitor set to 75hz or visa versa or something along those lines.
  32. I tried a more powerful PSU, didn't work. So I bought a cheap GT610 graphics card and it works fine. I will be returning my GTX750ti since it has a 3yr warrantee. So far I have not experienced the glitch with the cheap card. I am also running second newest driver, not the newest one. I think that may have been part of it.
  33. Huh. That doesn't really explain why it was happening with the onboard graphics though. I'm just wondering about that, being the wondering kind of guy I am. I guess it may have been some kind of conflict between the AMD drivers for your motherboards onboard adapter and the NVidia drivers for the card.
  34. When my new graphics card comes, should I disable to onboard graphics? I don't have this option in my BIOS, but I believe I can do it in Device Manager.
  35. In you BIOS under Advanced BIOS features or Integrated peripherals, there is a setting called Init display first, once you install a card set this to PEG so it will use the PCI express X16 slot as primary display and not PCI or onchipVGA (Integrated). In fact, you might want to put the card back in, change that setting and try it again. If not, then do so when you get your other card.
  36. I don't have this option actually.
  37. According to the manual for your board you do. I took that information directly from the manual for your motherboard and revision.
  38. What is your BIOS version?
  39. It's in Advanced Bios options, or, it should be per the manual. Click on the little box with the arrows in the lower right hand corner to expand the image. You will see on the left hand side the description of your motherboard and then the image of the BIOS section you should be able to find it in is the main image.

  40. You are right, it is there. I just did not realize I had to scroll down.
    I currently have no video card in, as I returned my test one and sent back my GTX750 as it has a warrantee. What should it be set to until my new card comes? As of now, it is set to PCI slot, although I am using a DVI cable to my motherboard, so the VGA option?
  41. OnchipVGA
  42. Best answer
    Don't forget to change it to PEG when you get the replacement card. It's completely possible there was a problem with the card though, but it might have somehow had to do with the setting as well. Either way, at least you'll be fairly sure if the problem reappears that it's not due to the card itself.
  43. Seems it was a bad video card. Just got the replacement one the other day. No issues at all. Set it as default in bios, games run great, no desktop background glitches.
    Thank you for all your help with the issues I was having!
  44. No worries, glad it worked out for you.
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