fast gaming drive?

I currently have a seagate what came with my computer its like 400 gb hard drive, I want to know what would be a good upgrade, for gaming etc?
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    A SSD
  2. geofelt said:
    A SSD

    Yeah I know that, but SSD are not that big, I am just looking for HD or something.
  3. Regardless, a ssd is the only drive that will make any detectable difference.
    If you are not using all 400gb, the free Samsung clone utility will copy your current drive to perhaps even a 120 or 240gb drive.
    A ssd is 50x faster in most os functions and 2-3x faster in sequential like level loads.
  4. My current drive isn't that great but it performs gaming wise fine, its just the space is to low for my gaming needs.. and i need something bigger.
  5. budget isn't an issue for me, so can someone please suggest a good hard drive?
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