Best Cheap Gaming PC Build on Max Settings for up to 2 years

The title says it all. Can anyone try to make a cheap gaming pc build that will play any future game at 1080p on ultra or extreme settings for up to 2 years.
If you can that would be great and people around the world looking for this type of build for this year will be appreciate your time helping us out. Thanks guys
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  1. ya sure, we know the future....

    intel i7-5960X
    Asus p10X99
    32gb ddr4
    2x Gigabyte Titan2's
    1tb m.2 SSD

    Should do the job, but no guarantees...
  2. I am actually hoping to buy a machine like this in a couple of weeks (without the Titans).
    Just make sure your SSD supports NVMe, it will be redundant within 12 months otherwise.
  3. You and me both brother though I may skimp and get the 6 core instead. LoL
  4. two 295x2 is wayyy better than 2x titan z
  5. Wow, that's expensive. Some people may look for that and some may want way cheaper builds, anyone got a build around 1000 or less or more but not to extreme of a price.
  6. all the suggestions above are wayyyyy over 2000
    so these people and me are just posting random builds
    a titan let alone 2 is 2000$ if were talking about z the 3000
    for mine you can get two r9 295x2 for the same price of 1 titan z
  7. Morgan why not put a r9 290x in the build?
  8. which build??
  9. for the expensive build here is it for the r9 290x its still expensive
  10. Drop the 840 EVO SSD and include a Intel SSD DC P3700 instead.
  11. For which build?
  12. Oh the build that was around 1400$ I was just wondering why not a 290x you could take the ssd out and have extra money for a more powerful graphics card.
  13. Best answer
    It would be wiser to get a ssd with the build
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