what is cloning a hard drive, and what does it involve?

please excuse my ignorance,but I didn't know that a hard drive could be cloned. what is involved in performing this procedure. Why would a person want to clone a hard drive?
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  2. One of the main reason one would clone a drive is upgrading your drive in the computer.

    let say you have a 500GB boot drive that is nearly full, you can clone the drive to a larger drive like a 1TB one. the nice think about cloning is that when done right once you replace the old drive with the new one, one should be able to boot of the cloned drive without having to reinstall anything.

    most hard drive manufacturers provide a free version of a cloning software. WD offers Acronis.

    This is very popular:

    Closely followed by this:
  3. Well its quite simple..

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