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I am not sure if this is the right category. I want to buy a new SSD so my loading screens on games will be quicker and also because my current hard drive is slow. How do I choose the right ssd? I also want to keep everything that I had from my other hard drive like the operating system all the programs etc. How do I do this? And finally how do I actually install it in my pc? There are a lot of different SSDS and I don't know which one is the right one for me. Thanks
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    There are many different SSDs that you can get. You can get regular SATA based SSDs, PCI based SSDs and so on.
    Toms hardware have done a guide for the best SSDs for money, but it is a little dated:,3269.html
    I would go for a regular SATA SSD, as these are the cheapest. Samsung make some good SSDs.
    I recommend 240GB SATA SSD for your games and OS, but you could get more storage if you have a lot of games.
    The Samsung 840 EVO 250 GB is a reliable SSD, but you could go for others, there isn't a "best SSD" around, you will have to do some research.
    Do you want to put everything on your hard-drive on your SSD? It can be a little complicated to only adding certain aspects of your hard-drive, you could get a third external hard-drive, add the things that you want to that hard-drive then copy and image of that drive and add it to your SSD. I haven't done this myself ever, so I recommend finding a tutorial online. You could also just add everything in your hard-drive to an external one, then install a new copy of windows and add your selected files into the SSD, format your hard-drive than add the files from your external hard-drive to your first hard-drive.
    To actually add your SSD to your computer, your PC will have several hard-drive brackets. Find where your hard-drive is. The bays will probably be 3.5' bays. Most SSDs are 2.5' so you will need to get a 2.5' to 3.5' bracket (these are dirt cheap). Screw in the SSD bracket, then you will need a SATA cable. On your motherboard you will see some blue outputs. Plug the SATA cable into the first available SATA output (if Sata output 0 is taken, use output 1 ECT.) Then plug it into the SSD. Your power Supply should have some extra SATA outputs. These are what is used to power your SSD. Next to the small SATA input on your SSD there will be a large one which will connect to your SSD. Look for a spare SATA cable on your PSU (they are long with a small rectangular hole-shaped thing on one side) then connect it to your SSD
    If you want your SSD to boot first before your hard-drive (you will need to do this if your OS is on your SSD) you will have to change the boot order in your BIOS so that the SSD boots first.
    Job done.
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