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Connecting Wireless USB adapter to LAN router

Last response: in Wireless Networking
August 20, 2014 5:00:57 AM

Hi all,

Server and desktop PCs in server room have no internet connection. The main wireless router is located in another room, and signal reception is good in server room.

I have a very old (5-6 years old model) Belkin wireless router (with LAN ports) which unfortunately can't be used for wireless bridging.
In the meanwhile I found a USB wireless adapter (Belkin USB Wireless F6D4050 v2). I thought of using it for signal reception, and passing the signal to router (using USB-to-RJ45 adapter), and then distributed to PCs.
But before buying USB-to-RJ45 adapter, I thought of getting advice from forum. Would this scheme work?
Is it possible get working connection established between a USB wireless adapter and LAN router via USB-to-RJ45 adapter?

Belkin USB wireless adapter F6D4050 v2:

USB-to-RJ45 adapter

Belkin wireless + LAN router N150 (wireless bridging unavailable with this 2009 model)

Best solution

a b X LAN
a c 126 F Wireless
August 20, 2014 7:15:36 AM

Short answer is there is no possible way to do what you want.

RJ45 is purely a wiring standard it just happens to be what Ethernet uses but there are massive difference in how USB and ethernet carry signals over the wires. You could hook the wires up between a USB connector and a electrical plug but that wouldn't make it do much other than maybe electrocute you.

RJ45 to USB converter like those should almost be illegal to sell since they are mostly made to trick people into thinking you can actually convert the signals. Maybe there is some off the wall valid use for these but I can't think of it.

Pretty much you only hope is to plug the USB stick into one of the servers and use it to provide internet to the other devices.
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