CPU and GPU TEMP while playing games in fullscreen windowed and fullscreen

Hello guy, i'm just wondering whats the best mode to play games and the one requiring less cpu and gpu usage.

When i'm playing payday 2, my gpu and cpu temps are around 50º both (in full screen window mode). When i put the game in full screen, my gpu temp is the same but the cpu temp increase +/- 5º.

Is that normal? what u guys think?

My gear:

i7- 4790k (no oc)
GTX 770

Sorry about my English, it's not my native language.

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  1. Hello... your temps are fine/normal
  2. Best answer
    Those temps are absolutely fine! The GPU should not go over 80C and the CPU over 70C in general :)
    PS: Fullscreen is the best gaming experience and fully utilizes your GPU potential, you need not worry about performance descrease with a 770, its good enough for Ultra 50+ FPS gaming :D
  3. thanks for you answer! (:
  4. Glad to help :)
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