Of intel i7 chipset line ups, does higher 4 digit number indicate better performance?

above is the link for my future rig.

I'm deciding between i7-4790K or i7-4820K.

does higher number indicate better performance?
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  1. Well not really 4790K is more powerful than 4820k, its just that 4820k has more cache and supports more RAM.
    4790k is better for rendering/ editing purposes.
    4820k is better for server type uses.
    Both are beasts in gaming :D
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    Not necessarily. First off you're talking about two CPUs from two different generations. The 4790K being *Devil's Canyon, and the 4820K being IvyBridge-E(?). Now if you would be speaking of two chips in the same generation, and the same line of CPUs, yes you would be correct. i5-4590 vs the i5-4690K for example.

    Short answer: Yes, and No. Yes in that's typically how companies will label their products; higher is better. No, in that in this case, the 4790K, on paper, is much better than the 4820K.
  3. The 4790k is not Haswell-E. It is a Haswell refresh CPU a.k.a. Devil's Canyon. They are not just generationally different, they are also a total different platform.
  4. thanks for the help guys!
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