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This is my first build and im not too sure what im doing here. Im mainly wanting to know if everything will fit together. Im buying 4 extra case fans on top of the 3 it comes with. Not sure how exactly I should hook them up because one fan wont be on the controller. Also, where should I put my fans in the case? And another thing that confuses me is that the mobo and the controller are 4 pin and the fans are 3 pin. Every thing else for the build seems somewhat simple to put together but the damn fans man. Any advice, feedback, changes are welcome.
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    If you do not want to deal with a controller, get the SP120 Quiet Edition PWM version Corsair fans. You can then control the fan speed through BIOS according to temperature. You can use splitters to make sure that you have enough connections for the fans. I would highly recommend the Silverstone PWM splitter. I use three of these on my Z87 MSI Mpower mainboard.

    You would normally have front intakes, side intakes, bottom intake, top exhaust, and back exhaust for fan orientation. Great build.

    Three pin fans will work with four pin arrangements. All the fourth pin does is send the modulation signal from the motherboard which modulates the RPM that the fan will run by constantly cutting off power and starting again at the right moments.
  2. So would that make them run constantly? Also, I dont know but I thought sp fans weren't to be used as case fans?
  3. SP fans work great as case fans, especially if the fan slot has a mesh or grate covering over it. The SP fans provide the static pressure needed to draw in or push out air through the small openings. Why does it matter if they are running constantly? Are you worried about noise? I have 11 SP120s in my case and I can barely hear them under normal usage. If they all ramp up to 100% (only because I force them to) then I can hear them but that would be expected with any fan. The more fans that you have (and in the correct position) the slower that you can have them run while still providing the same amount of air flow.
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