SSD Boot Drive, 2HDD to 1 volume, all without losing any of my current files

So here is the set up i want. I just bought an SSD and want that as my boot drive. I have two other 2tb HDD's in the PC as well. I currently only use 1 HDD as my boot and storage. I wont to move the bootable os to the SSD than have all my files, programs, videos, music, etc working and able to run seamlessly. I also want to turn my 2HDDS into one big volume.Please get back to me as soon as possible.
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    I think you may have to backup your files first, moving the os over requires something like Acronis True Image unless you wish to just reinstall it via the install disk or usb key. As long as you don't change motherboards the OS can normally be reinstalled since its tied to that mobo.

    You'll want to look into raid to make the two 2 TB hdds a single volume. Keep in mind theirs different versions of raid to look into, all for different users/uses. You most likely want to see about JBOD or RAID 0
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