New built PC turns off after 3-4 minutes of use.

I have just built a new computer (not my first time) and it powers up fine, enters bios, looks fine, but after about 3-4 minutes it just shuts off.

I7-3770k (not oced)
ECS z77h2-a2x v1.0 mobo (Tested and works)
Corsair CX-750 (Not modular)
WD Black 1TB
Corsair H100i

I've tried so far:
Re-applying thermal compound on CPU (Artic Mx4)
Making sure motherboard is grounded
Unplugging front panel power switch
Made sure all ATX and CPU power is plugged in

No luck so far, i need help.
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  1. what about ram ? and have u tried removing the gpu and booting the system ??? i strongly think its the psu ......
  2. prit87 said:
    what about ram ? and have u tried removing the gpu and booting the system ??? i strongly think its the psu ......

    How can I test if it's the PSU with just the BIOS?

    And also I tried booting the system with just 1 stick of ram.

    Ram is 2x8gb of 1600Mhz corsair vengenance black,
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    I am guessing it is the PSU also. I calculated your system should need 465W, and I put the link below so you could check the math yourself. In the end, the only way to determine if it is the power supply is to swap it out with another one, and I would go with one with 600W just to be on the safe side.
  4. It sounds to me like the H100i is not moving the water around the loop. What you're describing is classic processor overheat due to the heatsink not being properly attached or the heatsink not drawing away enough heat (fan not working). Try running the system with the Intel box fan that came with the CPU and see if you still have the issue.
  5. I tried switching to the stock heatsink, still no luck.

    Must be an issue with the PSU, ill try to get warranty on it or just move to a better brand (Silverstone or Coolermaster etc), i know Corsair's PSU are made by Seasonic which are still a very good brand.

    So i get another CX-750 or go to another brand?
  6. Or try an EVGA Supernova. Solid choice as well

    Although this seems to be a PSU issue, try taking out the video card and isolate it with only integrated graphics.
  7. digitaldoc said:

    I ended up getting a EVGA SuperNOVA 750W G2, i've had 2 DOA Corsair PSU's so far..
  8. yes you have selected a good one cx series are not at all a good quality evga 750 gives u 10 years of warranty ....
  9. In Power Options. go to secured lock and find the parameter for putting screen in sleep, you will see that it is set to 120 seconds, change it at your own convenience. It was consuming time to finally got the real solution.
    (For examples, not power plan parameters, not 'super tweak 2 in regedit, not resettin all default parameters).
    I hope it will help a lot of you guys.
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