Crossfire. How much heat does 2 r9 280x generate?

If your hear to tell me that cross fire is bad because heat and not having enough power because i have those problems figured out with case, fans, water cooling and big power supply (850w).

My question is HOW MUCH heat and how quick will my computer "die" per say, and also don't say REALLY REALLY quick because i know it won't. The heat like a said is pretty much figured out along with power.
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  1. Generally, TDP of the R9 280X is 250W. This would give you a idea of heat dissipation by each card. Using two cards would mean 500w. To gauge for the life time of the card, check the warranty info. If it is like 3 years then card is expected to be used safely for 5-6 years or more depending upon the usage.

    Every components in the PC generates heat, this does not mean that your PC would die. That is because these components are checked for stability under extreme conditions to withstand the thermal heat. They usually use high end capacitors rated 85c to 105c which shows their tolerance for heat.

    What exactly is happening with your PC?
  2. nothing, just got the parts, i was just curious is all.
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    When ya use a PSU calculator to figure out how what PSU size your puter needs, that's how much heat it makes + 10-15%

    So let's say you need 725 watts so you get an 850 watt Gold PSU..... the components will make 725 watts of heat, put your PSU is only 90% efficient say so you actually produce

    725 / 0.90 = 805 watts

    the cards themselves ......,8.html

    General wisdom says that overclocked wattage is equal to stock power consumption x % overclock ^2

    so that would be 243 x 1.10^2 = 294 watts. In practice I have never quite seen seen this happen tho.

    If ya are asking so that you can figure out how much radiator you need ....
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