Newbie questions about the GTX880 release.

So over the past week I've been building my first pc with a grant I received which is available to me until the end of the year. I was going to buy a 780ti but I heard about the GTX 880 which I've read is to be released at GamesCon next month. Does that mean that it will only be revealed and make it instores early next year? Or revealed and made available a few weeks after? How does Nvidia usally do it? I ask because like I said I need to spend this money by December and don't know whether I should just buy a 780ti now instead of maybe wasting my time waiting.
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    The 870 and 880 should be available for the holiday season, paper announced a few weeks before release, expected to be the "low" RAM editions at first (4GB I believe is the current rumor), so odds are they will release the 870 and then 880 a few weeks later, and I would expect the higher RAM editions around November along with the new Titan 2. Link is for an announcement from Gigabyte for September
  2. It has been rumored for a little while now that the 880 will release in September.

    Many other sources say the same, feel free to check them out on your news browser.
  3. Those same rumors said the 800 series would be announced at GamesCon and released a few weeks latter, but since the announcement didn't happen I'm left with wondering the same release date also.
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