Which of these two for University students?

I'm looking at the Surface Pro 3 which is out in a week in the U.K and the Macbook air 13". Both 128gb ssd at i5. I like the OS from both brands so my issue is which is more suitable for a student. I was considering waiting for the Retina Macbook Air which is rumoured as well if that would make it a decider? So opinions please on which one please? I'm not lookng for any other laptops/ultrabooks/hybrids. These are the two I'm interested in. Thank you.
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  1. For using Microsoft Office and Googling on the internet, you only need a 300 pound laptop

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    If you use windows a lot and like the idea of taking notes with a stylus then go for the surface pro 3. This is also good if you want a portable machine which is fairly powerful. But if you travel a lot from uni and need a lot of battery life and use all the apps in mac os and don't use windows that much then the mac wins. It has the better keyboard and battery life. If its worth waiting for the retina version is up to you. It will have better image quality but I don't think it will be a great improvement.
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