How to migrate OS (only) to SSD from HDD while keeping files on HDD?

Hi, I am soon to be buying an SSD. I currently use a single WD caviar blue (1tb) to store all my files, program's and operating system. I have search extensively and never found a simple guide on what I want to do which is move the operating system from the HDD to the SSD so the computer boots faster WITHOUT removing programs/desktop settings/files from the HDD so I can still use the HDD as my main program storage.

I will be using thee SSD for some certain program's (games) but not all due to space limitations...

Is there a simple guide show how to do this? If now does anyone know how?

Thanks for any replies
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  1. I am getting the SSD tomorrow so it would be great to have an answer ASAP so i can get using the drive :)
  2. AFAIK, the only program to migrate the OS and only the OS is Paragon Migrate OS to SSD 4.0:

    MSRP is $19.95 but you may be able to find a discount coupon floating around the 'net.

  3. A fresh clean install is the preferred method of installing the OS. Cloning software works reasonably well but sometimes glitches develop. This forum has had more than its fair share of questions about cloning issues. There is another benefit to a fresh clean install. Over a period of time Microsoft Windows will accumulate files that are no longer required. Windows does not do a very good job of deleting files, entries, and settings that are no longer required or needed.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys :D

    Y0GI, I have seen this program and am considering it but i have ordered a Samsung 840 EVO (250gb) and apparently it comes with some kind of migrating software for free, so i will try that first. If it fails, i will get the Paragon Migrate program.

    JohnnyLucky, interesting, it is a simple trade off. Which is easier/faster? A freash install of windows and re-make my desktop setup (i assume it isn't transferable?) and any other lost setups/settings/files/etc (out of interest what kinda of thing might this be?) Or use an OS migrating software and hope the 'glitches' don't affect me too much.
    Which would you suggest as clearly you know more about it than me :P

    Again, thanks for the replies
  5. The Samsung software moves everything (or attempts to). Not 'just' the OS.
    And there is no applications that will give you a check box and say 'this application', and 'not that application'.

    As far as migrate or fresh install? I also recommend a fresh install in almost all situations.
    1. Why bring along all the old cruft from an old Windows install. Let the speedy SSD start fresh.
    2. Some people have reported a performance hit from the sector alignment not being optimal for the SSD.
    3. A fresh install is far, far less susceptible to a problem than trying any of the migration methods. Just reading in here, the problems are legion.
  6. Thanks for the reply USAFRet,
    Concerning migration applications, does paragon migration to SSD not have an OS only migration mode? I am sure it says it does.
    Anyway, as for a fresh install, what would i need to do after the install to get my system setout and looking the way it did before (all programs/games functioning, shortcuts on desktop replaced, etc) Is there a fast/easy way to do that or would i just have to download ALL of my games/prgrams again which will take days....
  7. The Paragon one is the only application I've seen that purports to move only the OS. I've not used it, so I can't testify to it actually working well.

    For a fresh install, if you prepare things properly beforehand, you might not have to redownload all your games.

    Find your steamapps folder. This contains your games. Copy/paste that folder elsewhere on that HDD, outside of your /Users/Barney/ tree.
    In the new Steam client that you will install with the new OS, designate that location as one of the Steam Library folders.
  8. Well at the moment 'steamapps' is under Programfiles(x86), is this in the User files? The User folder looks separate but i may be wrong...

    Also, the system is less than a year old, would it really be that clogged up to make a noticeable change in performance? Enough to justify putting in the extra time for a fresh install and risking Days of downloads?

    To be honest the Migration program is sounding better to me at the moment... :/
  9. Barney6262 said:
    Well at the moment 'steamapps' is under Programfiles(x86), is this in the User files? The User folder looks separate but i may be wrong...

    OK, yes. ProgramFiles. Move it from out of there....

    Further details here:
  10. Please see edit above^

    Also, There are only a handful of games on my steam account that i would like on my SSD (due to capacity limitations) is there a way to separate the location of individual game files so some steam games are on the SSD and the rest are on the HDD?
  11. Barney6262 said:
    Please see edit above^

    Personally, I would do the clean install. But its your system...only you know for sure.
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