need help picking a microphone

I've been looking for a $75 stand alone microphone for streaming/skype usage, so far I've got my eye on the Samson meteor or the Blue snowball.

Which of these is better?
Are there any better mics around the same price?
Are there any cheaper mics with the same quality?
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  1. I would go with the atr 2500 ($65 on amazon) for the highest quality audio. . It's a USB condenser microphone and it sounds really good. if you can swing it go with the audio-technica at2020 ($125) . You don't really need that high quality audio unless you are a big streamer or YouTuber.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions and I'm not looking for high quality studio mics but I've had some cheap clip ons and they all sounded like garbage.
    So now that my headset is slowly dying I just want a good quality stand alone mic.

    I can't seem to find any shops with the atr 2500 (I'm from Belgium) and the at2020 is to much above my budget :(
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    Then I would try to find either:
    1- A cheap Blue Yeti
    2- A Blue Snowball (make sure it's not the ice version)
  4. Thanks I'll probably go for the snowball as it just went -25% off and its the non ice version \o/
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