Will a i5 4570 bottleneck R9 290 - Tri X Crossfire ?

Will a i5 4570 bottleneck R9 290 - Tri X Crossfire ?

I've purchased my first GPU and it's quite nice and I've got my RM 1000 coming through the post today, I was wandering am I going to have upgrade my CPU before getting another GPU ?
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  1. the processor is good enough to handle any modern card and also crossfire so no problem....
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    No an i5 4570 shouldnt bottleneck two GPU's. just ensure that your motherboard can run 16x and 8x lanes since crossfire is run over the PCI. Some cheaper motherboards will have the large PCI slots in 16x and 4x configuration. 16x and 8x are fine but 4x lanes on a R9 290 in crossfire will choke it.
    Poor thing...
    The R9s are cute.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys aha!:)
    My motherboard is all good with the lanes;3
    Completely agree with you, my eyes well up when I see my 290. :')

    21-08-2014 <3 290 <3
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