win32k.sys BSOD CAN'T BOOT

Hey friends, I already know there's a vast amount of forum posts about the BSOD and how to fix it, but my, 'unique' BSOD doesn't seem to have been solved yet.

Basically the screen says:


If this is the first time bla bla bla

Check to make sure bla bla bla

If problem continues bla bla bla

Technical information:

***STOP: 0X000000050 (0XFFFFF01C0644E34, 0X0000000000000, 0XFFFFF9600013CCA3, 0X000000000005) (didn't count it properly just a rough estimate)

**** win32k.sys - Adress FFFFF960000013CCA3 base at FFFFFF9600000d0000, DATESTAMP 53C5DF64

Collecting data for crash dump....
Initialising disk for crash dump.....
Beginning dump of physical memory.
Du,ping physical memory to disk; 100
Physical memory dump complete
Contact your system admin bla bla"

Every tutorial I've watched and every forum post I've read has said to go INTO the computer and go to system preferences etc, except my computer doesn't boot at all, nor does it boot in any safe mode option. Please need a fix ASAP, got HSC work and stuff on there :(
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    delete the file
    and reboot

    -most likely you will have to boot off of a repair image of windows because the safe mode boot will also crash.
    - this was cause by a bad windows update
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