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First off, thanks in advance for any response to this post. I want to format a hard drive from my old computer and install in my new build. The old hdd has Windows 7 ultimate on it and the new computer has Windows 7 on it(not sure of the version). When I install my old drive which version of Windows will boot. I don't want any data from the old drive. Will I have an option during the boot sequence. Also will need help setting up the drive, but will post that question when I get to that step. Thanks
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  1. Take out the other drive and put in the one you want to use. Install Windows on it. In doing so it will reformat/wipe the drive.
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    Your PC will boot from whichever drive is designated in your BIOS boot priority. Your system currently boots from the new-build drive, so when you add your old drive using a second connection, it will just see it as an additional drive. Your OS will probably automatically assign it a new drive letter (i.e. E:, F:, etc) but you may need to do it manually through your Windows "Manage drives" feature. Then all you need to do is reformat and set it up for your new drive/partition scheme.
  3. Thanks for the speedy responses. Can someone link a post about setting up two drives in raid? I'm pretty new to computer building if that wasn't already apparent.
  4. Thanks for the link. My understanding is that if I install two drives and after formatting the old drive they will be set up as raid 0 by default, which is what I want. Is this correct
  5. No, by default they're configured as an OS drive and an additional drive. You can set up your RAID configuration in your BIOS - your mobo user's manual should cover that. Just remember, with a striped array (RAID 0) the data is being written to both drives - if either drive fails, you lose everything. Make sure you maintain good backups.
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