AMD Catalyst Control Center wont recognize monitor

My GPU is the XFX R7 260X

I allready have 2 monitors connected to it but would like to have 3.

One is connected via HDMI and the other to a DVI port.

I have got an adapter for my second and third monitor as they are VGA and my GPU only has DVI available.

My second monitor uses a DVI to VGA cable, this left smudging on my screen so i thought id try an adapter for my third monitor.

CCC does not pick-up my third monitor, ive tried to reconnect the cables to my GPU to no avail.

Does anybody know why this is happening to only my third monitor?

Thanks for any help
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  1. You need to use an ACTIVE display port to DVI/VGA adapter to do this.
  2. 4745454b said:
    You need to use an ACTIVE display port to DVI/VGA adapter to do this.

    So do you mean that the DVI port on my GPU is inactive/not working, and if so how do i fix this?
  3. No. In order for AMD cards to use more then 2 monitors, the 3+ need to be using display port. AND you need to use an active adapter. This is my setup.

    The center monitor is on DVI. The TV on the right not in frame is on HDMI. The two surround monitors are on active mDP to DVI adapters. The cheap passive ones don't work, they need to be active.

  4. This is my setup, the monitor on the left is the one i would like to get working as the stand took me 2 days to make.

    So i should buy a DP to VGA adapter? Then send my DVI to VGA adapter back to the seller?

    Nice setup by the way, i dont have enough money for another 2 1080p monitors.

    Thanks for the help :D
  5. I bought all three monitors used. Each cost me ~$100 shipped. I got two of them at the same time, and the third came from Ebay if I remember right. 25.x", counting bezels it's nearly 80" from end to end.

    I don't know if you need an mDP to dvi like I did, or if you need a DP to DVI. If the third monitor takes VGA only I think they make those as well. Just make sure it's an active one to avoid issues. Will probably be ~$30 each. I laughed a bit when I realized that I spent $300 on my 7950, $300 on my monitors, $60 on my adapters, and another $120 on my stand. My current computers video equipment alone costs more then the computer I built when I got out of college.

  6. The back of my GPU has these ports

    -x2 DVI
    -Display port

    I have my main 1080p monitor connected via HDMI

    My second monitor on the right is connected via DVI to VGA

    My third monitor on the left i tried connecting with the same principle as the second one but with an adapter block and not an adapter cable, this didnt work, monitor was saying check video cable and CCC would pick up that there was a third monitor connected.

    Now you have said i need to use the DP to VGA (as my monitor only supports VGA) and that should work.

    I just need this clarified before i buy the wrong product (again)
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    Usually when dealing with dual DVI cards these days is only one is DVI-I. The other is DVI-D. (first is integrated meaning analog and digital while the other is digital.) The DVI-D won't work with a simple adapter like the other DVI port because there is no analog signal, only the digital one. The active DP to VGA should work.
  8. Ok thanks for the help man, time to look for an adapter

  9. Best of luck. Upgrade to full 1080 monitors when you can. Much better then what you're about to go through.
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