Black screen before Windows 7 logon after Nvidia drivers update

Hi everyone,
Yesterday, i started my PC and Nvidia Geforce experience notified me about new drivers for my MSI Geforce 760 GTX card. I went on and started the update. But halfway through the installation, suddenly the screen went black and i got a "no signal" message on TV. After a few minutes, i rebooted and after the windows animation and before the windows logon, i receive the same black screen. Restarting a few times did the same. Note that Windows still loads since i can hear the starting jingle and sounds.

So i booted in safe mode and it worked. I uninstalled the newest drivers, cleaned up with Display driver uninstaller and rebooted. Then i could logon to Windows normally since it was using default VGA drivers. So i repeated the uninstallation process and reinstalled my good old drivers. Not working: black screen. Then i removed my graphic card and plugged the onboard card, its working just well. I put my card back in and restarted, no luck. I've tried several others drivers but nothing work. All drivers were downloaded on Nvidia's website and i made sure they were compatible with my graphic card. My card is properly seated, in fact, i didn't touch or moved the PC when the black screen appeared.

So to sum it up, it looks like my graphic card is still working with default VGA drivers but as soon as i put any Nvidia drivers, i get a black screen. I need your help guys. What could be the problem? Nvidia drivers seriously messed up with something but what? Thx! GodSpeed
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  1. Nevermind, i restored my pc to a previous point losing a few things in the process and now it works. Screw Nvidia
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