PC gets pretty loud during gaming

If I put games such as CS:GO (Gotta keep V-sync on), Blade and Soul, and Gunz the Second Duel on high it gets pretty loud. Same with League if I take of V-Sync.
Is there a way to get my PC to be quieter even when playing games at higher settings or with v-sync off? I have a
with an SSD installed
The one I got has a Nvidia Geforce GTX 760
Thanks for the help
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    Most likely it's just a build up of dust in the computer. Fans particularly start getting noisy when they're fighting through dust. Get a can of compressed air and open up the case and get rid of the dust. Also make sure there's plenty of area around the computer for it to breathe
  2. the sound is comming either from your processor fan or your gpu fan....and this is because of overheating so check their temps while gaming ....
  3. Might be a bit indirect, but you could try using headphones?
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