Unsure on which ssd to buy???

I've finally decided to get an ssd & had my heart set on the 120gb kingston hyperX ssd & just as i was about to purchase it i thought i'll have a look at the benchmarks betweeen that & the samsung 120gb EVO. In the benchmarks the samsung seemed alot better yet i thought the kingston wouldd be better cause...

Samsung 120gb EVO
Capacity: 120GB
• Sequential Read: 540MB/s
• Sequential Write: 410MB/s
• Random Read (QD32, 4KB): 94,000 IOPS
• Random Write (QD32, 4KB): 35,000 IOPS
• Random Read (QD1, 4KB): 10,000 IOPS
• Random Write (QD1, 4KB): 33,000 IOPS

Kingston hyperX 120gb
Capacity: 120GB
- Controller: SandForce SF-2281
- Maximum Read: 555MB/sec
- Maximum Write: 510MB/sec
- Max I/O Per Second (IOPS): 95000 IOPS (4KB File, READ)
- NAND Flash: Multi-Level Cell (MLC)
- Interface: SATA-III / 6Gbps (Backwards compatible with SATA-II / 3Gbps)
- TRIM Support (Requires Windows 7)

So my quetion is which is better/fastest as the kingston has better read/write speeds?
Yet benchmarks say samsung is the better?

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  1. Whatever is cheapest honestly you wont see a difference real world outside of benchmarks.
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    Ditto to what Snipergod87 said, I know samsung make really good quality SSDs so I say go with them. If you have a little extra money I would advise shooting for a 256GB drive, you can grab the Crucial MX100 for a little over $100.
  3. You would see zero difference in actual performance.
    I have the Hyperx 3k, 22 months old. Performs flawlessly. If I were buying today, I'd almost certainly get the 840 EVO.
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