Placing an old HDD into a new build and removing OS off the old HDD

1) Im building a new computer but id like to use my old harddrive as secondary storage on my new pc.

2) Ive been seeing a lot of mixed responses on how to do this. After I build/install windows on my new pc what will I have to delete off the old HDD, the OS (system 32 and everything) im assuming?

3) I know I could format the old drive but I dont want to yet as there are many things I still want to take off of it. Im worried that if I just plug the old drive into my new computer without removing windows 7 the computer will read two different installations of windows 7 and be inoperable. What should I do?
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    When you build your new PC, leave the old HDD out. Install the new HDD and load windows onto that drive. Make sure in your BIOS that it has boot priority. Save any files or pictures or music off the old drive you want to keep. Then install your old drive, start your PC and go into disk management and format the drive or you can format in the computer icon.
  2. Awesome thanks a lot that's what I will do.
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