PC random freeze or blue screen after turing on or waking from hibernate

This has been driving me nuuuts! First I had come to a conclusion that there was something wrong with windows 8.1 but I formatted my hard drive and went back to windows 8 and

am still having this issue.

Whenever I turn on my pc after shuting down or after waking it from hibernate (I use a program called auto power on & shut down to hibernate my pc) my pc either freeze or

gets a blue screen (every time with a different error) after a few minuets and then when I restart it it sometimes randomly freezes again for a few time not only after

windows has launched but sometime even in the motherboard screen or the windows selection screen our even while logging on.

I have tried every solution I read on the net but still no luck;
-I checked my hard drives for bad sectors
-Upgraded all drivers
-Updated windows
-Cleaned registery
-Scanned for viruses with Norton
-Scanned for malwares with Malware-byte
-Turned of windows quick startup
-Refreshed windows
-Upgraded and then even uninstalled auto power on & shutdown ( I have never had issues with this program before)

hardware changes that I have done to my pc recently are ;

I've added 2 hard drives to my pc (So now I have 4 hard drives a 1tb sata3, a 2tb sata3, a 1tb sata2 and a 100gb sata2) ( Just wondering if to many hard drives might be

causing power issues ) ( My power is a 685w ) but I don't recall if this issue started after that though I do recall that after installing the second hard drive I didn't

experience this issue for a while

I've also added a sinn7 status 24|96 external sound card which I also don't recall if this issue used to happen before installing it or not

here's a few of the errors I remember receiving back on win 8.1. Unfortunately I formatted my hard drive and forgot to save the log files

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    I'd do a clean install WITHOUT the third party power utility and see if the problem persists. Sometime simply uninstalling an application does not reverse or remove the bad or conflicting settings that are created when using third party software.
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