How many instances of iexplorer.exe should I have when run IE11?

I know different browsers have different formats that they follow. I am using IE11 which I hate with a passion but since Norton and FF are butting heads I can't use it. So I am stuck with IE11. While writing this thread I see two instances of Iexplore.exe. One is shown as plain Iexplore.exe and it is showing about 12k of memory used. I have another instance of iexplore.exe *32 and it is showing about 253k memory use.

I have an HP Pavilion g7-1260us with 4gb memory and Intel I-core i3-233m 2.20Ghz
For ever tab that is show does win7 create another instance of ie?

At times when I move from an article I am reading and click on a new tab I have about 5 to ten second delay, If I go directly to a favorite link it goes directly to the link without a delay. When I click google news it takes about 5-10 seconds before it finishes loading the page and when It first
loads the main news screen the type is bunched up on top of each line but then straightens up after page has finished loading. Never had that with FF. Never had delays with moving from 1 tab to another. Occasionally had win7 to quit working but nothing like it is now. It is not every day.
I am running Norton 360online and it should be catching viruses so I do not think that is the problem so. I am coming to the conclusion I need to start from scratch and do a clean install
but this will take hours and hours because I have so many external programs that did not come with computer.
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    Wait, so your overall complaint is that Internet Explorer is slow? Why not just download Firefox or Chrome??

    Also, there are two thing shown for IE in task manager because one is for the browser and the other the current tab opened in the browser.

    Other browsers are much more secure and interpret code better than Internet Explorer typiclly. They also render nicer text.
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