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So a friend of mine told me about star citizen, and it looks really fun, but my macbook pro is unable to play it for a few reasons, and know that i didn't buy the mac for gaming. :P Anyways, i am most likely going to be building a gaming rig for this and i need some advice about parts. I have started on a build, but i don't know if its good, or will work very well. It was also over budget. I will have a link up soon, for some reason my computer can't find it or whatever. My budget is from $600 to $700. It needs to run star citizen at good fps, with decent quality. It would be cool to have it under $600 so i can get new peripherals and a new monitor. Thanks, and i hope for a reply.
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  1. There is no point in building a rig for a game that isn't going to be released for some time. Hardware becomes obsolete very quickly.

    Isn't the release timefrime still like maybe 2015, maybe not?

    We don't even know what drivers will be like then, what GPU and CPU favors the game engine, ect.

    You are better off taking your $700 and buying some CoDs or some other short term investment.
  2. Sorry for bumping, but i also would like to play the alpha and beta things. Thats why I'm I'm posting this now.
  3. Hey SpaceN3rd, if you are still interested in building a PC now or in the future I would be happy to help you out with specs and advice on your build. Go ahead and PM me and I'll provide you with any insight I possibly can.
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