Firestrike scrores(normal not extreme please post for comparison with mine)

Ok, so i have low scores on Firestrike(normal)

Can anyone post their result with normal Firestrike benchamark so i can compare?

here is mine
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  1. I get about 6500 give or take a few hundred (i cant find a link to it probably deleted it) and thats with a gtx 750 ti on fire strike. For a R9 290 i would say you are right where you should be.

    Heres one with a R9 290 but thats with an i7.
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    It really isn't a low score when compared to the 9131 "High-End Gaming System", which says it's based on an obviously overclocked 4770k and Geforce Titan. I got 8639, with zero CPU/GPU overclocks.
  4. mkay thnx, looks like only CPU holds me back
  5. IMO, if your computer performs to a standard that you are happy with, 3dmark or any bench program shouldn't really matter.
    Unless you are trying to find out if you have under performing hardware, It's all just bragging rights.

    My 2 cents.
  6. lol, yes true that, its a just a benchamrking software :), i am fine with it, i got 60+fps in modern games, i got really nice timing in Adobe Premier Pro and nice preformance of rendering in Aftereffects, so i am fine with it:)
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