Asus h97 pro or plus?

Basically what the title says. :D which is better? I know the pro has SATA express but I don't quite understand what that is? Any help would be awesome :)
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    Both mobos almost twins

    PRO <------> PLUS
    3 <-----PCI-----> 2
    Realtek 8111G <-----Audio-----> Intel I218V
    3 <-----eSATA-----> 6
    1 <-----SATA Express-----> 0

    SATA Express:

  2. @romirez you posted specs of both of these motherboard but which one is better
  3. Well, SATA Express is pretty epic, but costly.
    If you will have enough cash for two M.2 devices- you will still have enough cash to buy high_end mobo, but not this mid_end H97
  4. As I was searching I got another board of Asus H97 pro gamer now I'm totally confused between H97 pro and H97 pro gamer as H97 pro gamer is costlier than H97 pro by 1000 rupees so plz guys tell me which one is better I can afford motherboard upto 11000/- rupees
  5. Only difference is sound chipset.
    If for games- take GAMER, must be some usefull tweaks in bios/software.
  6. Is H97 pro best or H97 pro gamer best for gaming....
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