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Hi, I am considering getting a Samsung 840 EVO SSD drive to replace a basic HDD I currently have. If someone could kindly answer a few questions I have:

1) Will this be compatible with any motherboard? I have an as rock n68c-s ucc motherboard

2) I have also read that to get the full performance from SSD's you need to have the latest SATA ports. Is this true and if so how do I find out which ports I have and whether these will slow down the potential performance of the SSD?

3) Overall, will going from an HDD to an SSD make a big difference?

Thank you for any advice given
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    ye its compatible,depends on what you're doing, SSDs make your PC feel like on the fly, anything you try to open etc opens instantly,while gaming loading times shorter,easier to manage data,copy paste blazing fast etc,though many people prefer going hybrid SSD+HDD carrying the performance of SSD and the capacity of HDD. SATA 3 ports would be excellent although if youd replace to SSD with SATA 2 ports you should still notice astonishing speed increase.
  2. assuming you have sata ports yes it is, and no you do not need the lattest sata ports a the best improvements that ssd give is in their response time, and yes it will make a big difrence
  3. Thanks guys!
  4. You have an older motherboard that was released in July 2010. It is no longer in production. In fact, the motherboard was already outdated when it was first released. According to the ASRock specifications page your motherboard does not properly support modern 3rd generation SATA 3 6Gb/s solid state drives. Performance is limited to SATA 2 3Gb/s levels. Luckily SATA 3 6Gb/s ssd's are backward compatible but at slightly reduced performance levels. With a little luck a user might not notice any differences.

    Samsung has often indicated their ssd's were designed to perform best with Intel based systems. Normally they should also be okay with AMD based systems. Your own motherboard has older Nvidia GeForce 7025 / nForce 630a chipsets instead of AMD chipsets. You will probably experience compatability issues because of the motherboard's age and chipsets.
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