Need help choosing right gaming mobo!

Hey guys!
I am planning on building a gaming pc with labor day sales right around the corner! I have been having difficulties with choosing the right mobo for gaming and web browsing (if that affects the mobo at all) I am going to be putting the new Intel I7 4th generation 4790k into it running at 4.0 ghz stock. Also I need it to be able to hold at least 8gbs of memory per slot at a maximum of 32gbs of memory. Also I would like it to be able to hold at least two NVidia graphics cards in sli, with lots of sata cables as I will be putting in a ssd, hard drive and a dvd/cd drive for games into it, so I need at least 6 for upgrades in the future!!! Finally, lots of usb ports, hdmi, dvi, ad other ports for pugging in accessories! My price range is about $150 (U.S Dollars) Thank you for all the help!!
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    The GB Z97X Gaming 5 will be a solid choice for $140:
    Lots of ports too:
    Sadly, only 4 SATA ports :(

    So, the ASROCK Z97 EXTREME4 is an appropriate choice (I have one with 4790k, 16GB RAM):
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